Using Flawed Curated Content

Mar 19, 2013 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Using Curated content is not a perfect process. That’s why so many instructors choose to take the reigns themselves and make videos, deliver lectures so that the information they feel that is 100% accurate will be the information they get to their students.

But what about the time it takes to create all of that content, well, you can cut that down by finding exising materials.

“Where?” you say? — The internet.

“But I don’t trust those videos” you say? — Good.

Be critical, be skeptical, be all of those things you are in practice. When we encounter new information a skill we need to have is to critically analyze it. So why not use flawed resources as a learning tool for your students?

You know the flaw, try to get your students to find it, explain it and articulate WHY it’s wrong. In doing so they will have learned something, and you will have saved time lecturing, saved time creating videos, saved time capturing, captioning, and distributing that content.


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