Cognitive and Learning Science

I’m interested in exploring how cognition and memory affect learning and problem solving in STEM and technology-supported learning environments, including the effects of gesture performance, multimedia agents and self-regulation. This work draws from Cognitive Load Theory, Self-Regulation and Monitoring and Embodied Cognition.

Learning Design

This work explores the design thinking practices of university and K-12 instructors in their design of lessons, drawing upon research in Design Thinking, Imagination as well as Educational Leadership and Technology.

Extended Reality (VR/AR/MR)

Extending my interest in gesture-based learning with technology, my interest explores how technology and embodiment affect cognition and learning through learner interactions with immersive environments.

Innovative Methods for Psychology and Social Science Research

This interest stemmed from the original development of a gesture-capture iPad app for use in data collection. From here, I have adapted both the Visual Pattern Task (VPT) and Automated Operation Span Task (OpSpan) to touch-based versions, and have developed a child-friendly mental effort measure.



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