Let’s Let go of Files

May 14, 2014 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

More and more these days, people are using “The Cloud” for work and school.

The idea that we need files to download and work with is becoming less and less of a necessity.

For both work and School, every document, images and file I work with is stored either on DropBox or on Google Drive. This way, I can access them from anywhere, work on them from anywhere and if my computer dies, I won’t be sad because it’s all stored somewhere else. I no longer have to trust in the hardware to save my ‘stuff’.

We also have to assume that students are moving this way, and as instructors we should be accommodating to this fact.

I would say in another 2 years, asking a student to submit a file would be on par with asking them to submit a WordPerfect or Lotus Notes file. Nobody uses that stuff anymore.

Here at BTC, we have OneDrive through Office 365. This allows students to create Microsoft Office documents for free in the cloud and share these documents with their instructors.

Below are some videos on how we set up the acceptance of those files through Canvas, and how students can share those files with us.


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