A New Start…Again

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So I’ve started a new position as eLearning Director at Bellingham Technical College.

The tasks I have are pretty challenging so far and here’s where I’ll be documenting the processes I go through. Most issues are related and interwoven it seems and I’ll be collaborating with a whole bunch of amazing people to get them off the ground.

So here’s what I’ll be tackling.

  1. The SBCTC decided to switch over to the Canvas and our instance goes live in a few weeks with classes starting in Summer Quarter 2013. There’s a lot to do surrounding this project, and my brain is overloaded
  2. Library / Technology integration is a thing. At BTC, the eLearning department has been traditionally separated over the years but now we share a space in the new Campus Center building, so managing student support, and collaborating on technology related projects is something we’ll be working on.
  3. Promotion of a learning design process with faculty. I’m starting and Learning Design Roundtable, which meets every 2 weeks. This group will be discussing learning design and how they can use the theories, tools, ideas and practices of this concept to enhance their instruction.

I think that’s it for now. Check back for more detailed posts on the above topics and other things I run into.


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