A Macbook Pro Intervention

Oct 31, 2016 | Design | 0 comments

Dear Macbook Pro,

I know there’s a lot of external pressure on you to maintain a certain image. To look a certain way, to behave a certain way, and I had hoped in the year 2016 we’d be beyond this and the media would start to portray everyone how they are, not how they should be. I guess no one is immune, but getting to the point, I’ve noticed that year over year, you seem to just get thinner and thinner, and lose weight all the time, and I’m concerned that its having an effect on who you are.

My friends and I wanted to let you know that we don’t care how thin you are or how much you weigh, we just care about what’s inside. That sounds cheesy, but it’s true. It’s what you can do that matters, and not what you look like on the outside. The pressure from your peers to be that much thinner and lose weight at the same time can’t be easy on you. I don’t know why your bosses at work put this pressure on you as well, because we weren’t talking about you behind your back, or wanting this change at all. We just want you to be happy and healthy, and be able to work and be productive so you can contribute to our lives like you have done in the past.

Non-retina Macbook pro and 2012 Retina Macbook Pro

A few years ago, I remember you used to be envied by everyone at the office and even the coffee shop when I saw you there. Guys and girls alike would be interested in getting to know you, mainly for how you helped us in our own work, and for how reliable you were. You carried us through and did the heavy lifting when others couldn’t carry the load, and for that I’ll always be thankful you’re in my life. You’ve always been known as someone who could get the job done consistently, and while you have changed up your look, for a long time, your weight and size weren’t a part of that.

Late 2013 Macbook Pro 13″ compared to previous model

Recently though, I’ve noticed a change. You seem to be getting thinner every year, and your productivity has seemed to take a hit. Your bosses said that in order for you to work longer hours, you’d have to not work as hard, and I’m worried this is due to your weight loss and this pressure to be thinner. I think I speak for everyone here when I reiterate again, that we don’t care how much you weigh or how thin you are. And I should think that this long after high school, how long you last isn’t most important thing either. If you work hard, of course you need to take a rest now and again, to recharge, to get some juice back. This is just part of the hard work you’re known for.

I’m not writing this because I’m trying to pressure you into living a certain way. I’m not your parents calling you to make you feel guilty because of your decisions. You’re a grown up and can make your own choices, and I’ll support them no matter what because we’re friends. I’ve just noticed some changes, and as your friend I wanted to express my concern. You used to glow, now you don’t. People used to be excited to get to know you, and now it seems you’re just trying to fit in with the rest of the crowd, and you’ve lost something that everyone gravitated towards. Your peers are even starting to get more attention than they have for years. Maybe it was your size, maybe it was the power you seemed to radiate, but something’s changed, and I don’t see the same Macbook Pro I saw even last year.

Macbook Pro 2016

Let me just say this. We all love you, we just don’t want to lose the Macbook Pro we know. I know things change over time, and people change, and if you’re happy, well that’s the most important thing, I just don’t want to see your creativity suffer because of some pressure to be thin and weigh less when none of us don’t care about that. You were strong and powerful and you still are, but I’m worried if this trend continues that you’ll lose what makes you…you.


Your Friends

Macbook Pro Body Image over time (data from http://www.everymac.com/)


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