Hi there. I’m Stoo.

I’m an educator and researcher in the areas of cognitive science, learning technology and learning design. Nice to meet you.

I currently serve as Senior Lecturer in Digital Technologies for Learning at the University of New England, Australia.
If you’d like to get in touch and with me about consulting, workshops, speaking or anything to do with my research, shoot me an email.


Contact me about:

  • Assisting your school or university with the integration of technology in STEM
  • Anything Cognitive Load Theory, Open Ed, Online Learning related. I love that stuff.
  • Consulting, serve as a guest in your class or give a workshop at your institution or on the web
  • Speaking at a conference, symposium or other event at your institution or on the web
  • Writing about a particular topic for your publication



Online Courses are not textbooks

Online Courses are not textbooks

Coffee and A Book by @sincerelymedia (Unsplash) As many of us move towards the reality of teaching online, potentially for a longer duration than we ever expected to, it's important to consider what an online course actually is. In the 1990s when online learning was...